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Whenever you need a Handyman South East London, Fixxa can help. Fixxa was created to help homeowners, renters and landlords instantly find reliable, skilled and professional handymen. We can assist you with anything from a small fix to a vast home renovation.

Here’s how Fixxa’s handyman services south east London work:

  • Our team includes only the top trade professionals in London
  • We can help whenever you need something installing, fixing, mounting, assembling or hanging
  • You can use our website to easily book specialists
  • Save time by booking with Fixxa, as you are never kept waiting. You can choose an arrival time that suits you
  • Your job will be completed by a polite, friendly and efficient handyman
  • All of our handymen have been fully vetted
  • To keep you safe during the Covid-19 pandemic we follow strict procedures and comply with all Government advice
  • When you book with us we will ensure that your job is done to an exceptionally high standard, and the work will be guaranteed for 12 months

Need a Handyman in South East London? Book a Fixxa and get the job done.

Our south east London handyman prices start at just £59 per hour.

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A customer booking a Handyman South East London through Fixxa's simple system

How to book Handyman Services South East London

Our easy online booking platform allows you to quickly and easily find handyman SE1 and handyman SE3 services. Just tell us the type of Fixxa you require, what you need help with and where you live.

All of our handyman services are designed to work around our customers. You can choose exactly when you’d like your Fixxa to arrive and we will match you with a member of our team. We’ll let you know how much the work will cost and you can track your Fixxa all the way to your home.

Our processes are very transparent so you will be kept updated throughout your job, even if you’re not at home.

There are never any hidden charges and we will always inform you if the cost will change due to the time the job takes or the materials. We will only proceed once you have agreed.

When your Fixxa has finished you will receive a full report with images of the work and an invoice. Payment can be easily made through our booking platform.

We work across south and south east London, so will always have a handyman nearby.

Book an emergency Handyman South East London

We understand that sometimes you need a handyman in a hurry. Whether you’ve had a DIY disaster or a home emergency, we can ensure that a Fixxa is there as soon as you require them. Once you’ve made a booking one of our team will march over as quickly as you need.

Local handyman services from Fixxa’s Matt Roberts

Meet your local handyman, Matt Roberts. Matt works across south east London and can turn his hand to any problem or job around the home. He’s a skilled handyman and is also trained in plumbing and electrics. Here he explains what he loves about his job.

Matt says: “One of the best parts about my job is receiving feedback from happy customers. Some of them ask me to come back again and again for different jobs, and it’s great to know that people are happy with my work. Every day is very different, which keeps it interesting. I could be putting up shelves, fixing furniture or making flat-pack items, doing electrical work or plumbing jobs. I know that each job makes a big difference to customers and the way they use their homes.”

“I’ve been working as a handyman and doing plumbing and electrical work for the past 20 years. I also spent three years in the RAF Regiment. You won’t find me jumping out of planes these days, but I still have the same work ethic and discipline.”

A step in the process of booking Matt Roberts, a Handyman in South East London

Need handyman services near you in south east London? Book a Fixxa and get the job done.

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Find Handyman Services in South East London

For any repair, installation or refurbishment around your home, one of our team can help. Here are some of the questions we are often asked about what a Fixxa specialist can do:

  • We can help with anything around your home that needs to be hung, repaired, fixed, fitted, mounted, painted or decorated. We also have fully qualified plumbers and electricians in our team, as well as boiler experts, heating engineers, gas engineers and appliance installation experts.
  • We do, and our carpenters can help with anything you’d like built or fixed.
  • You certainly can. Whether you need a feature wall, a room, or your whole house decorated, we can help. We do walls, woodwork, wallpaper and internal and external decorating.
  • Yes, we can assist with a wide range of bathroom jobs. Recent bookings have included replacing and refreshing silicone and grout, installing shower screens and bath panels, fixing leaky taps and hanging mirrors and cabinets.
  • Many clients ask us to help build flat-pack furniture. One of our team will be happy to swiftly put your items together and secure them to the wall if necessary.
  • We can indeed. We’ve mounted plenty of TVs for customers, who often choose to install them on chimney breasts, walls and in alcoves. Just let us know where you’d like it mounted, if you already have a bracket or mount, and if you’d like the cables hidden.
  • Of course. One of our team can easily and quickly sort it for you, ensuring there are no more drips.
  • We charge by the hour, with handyman rates starting at £59 per hour. We always tell you the cost of your job before you confirm your booking.

How a Fixxa handyman helped a couple in Blackheath

Heidi and Chris own a three-bedroom house near Blackheath train station. Keen to renovate their utility room, they booked a Fixxa to install a worktop and put up several shelves.

They booked a handyman to arrive the next day and were matched with Ireneusz. Heidi was able to track Ireneusz’s arrival on her phone, and he came with all the necessary tools and materials.

Ireneusz quickly set to work, cutting the worktop to size, install it securely, and running silicone sealant around the edges. Next, he moved onto the shelves, attaching them neatly to the walls.

After tidying up Ireneusz created a job report for the couple, which included pictures and a full breakdown of costs. They were able to pay through Fixxa and get on with enjoying their new utility room.

Our five-stars customer reviews of Handyman South East London

We can assure you that we do a fantastic job, but don’t just take our word for it. This is what other customers have said about our services:

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