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Fixxa assists homeowners, renters and landlords across Battersea with all types of home improvements, from the smallest fix to the largest renovation. When you need a Handyman Battersea use Fixxa to book an expert easily and quickly, and choose exactly when they will arrive. We can help with everything from those repairs you don’t have the tools or time to complete, to any job that involves installing, fixing, hanging or assembling.

Here’s how Fixxa works:

  • Fixxa’s team includes only the best, highly skilled experts
  • Our website allows you to easily and quickly book the perfect tradesperson for your job
  • You will never be kept waiting, as you can book an expert to arrive now, or at a convenient scheduled time
  • We work around your day
  • Your job will quickly be completed by one of our friendly and polite general handymen, who will be trained in a variety of trades
  • To keep you safe during the Covid-19 pandemic we follow strict procedures and comply with all Government advice
  • Everyone in our team is fully vetted
  • All jobs are completed to our incredibly high standards and are guaranteed for 12 months
  • You will always find our prices to be very competitive, and they start at £59 per hour

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Meet Matt: Our building and Handyman Battersea professional

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When you confirm a booking with Fixxa we will quickly match you with a member of our team, such as Matt Roberts. Matt is one of Fixxa’s expert tradesmen, and as a highly experienced handyman, he can help with a wide range of tasks around your home.

Highly qualified & skilled

Alongside general maintenance and odd jobs work, Matt is also a qualified plumber and a skilled electrician, offering the wide range of handyman services Battersea residents need. He joined Fixxa when we launched, and has built up an impressive number of glowing customer reviews.

Matt says:

“I have a fantastic job, as every day is so different. I work across London and drive an impressive distance each week, and frequently find myself in Battersea. I can turn my hand to any job, and an average day can see me hanging cabinets and installing shelves near Battersea Park, replacing silicone and fixing taps on Latchmere Road, and building flat pack furniture in one of the developments by Chelsea Bridge. I know the work I do makes a real difference to the way people live in their homes and enjoy their spaces, which makes it very rewarding.

I’ve been in this line of work for 20 years, and I also enjoyed three years in the RAF Regiment. I might not be jumping out of planes anymore, but I still employ the same work ethic and discipline every day.”

Fixxa’s five-star customer reviews

We’re very proud to have amassed an impressive collection of glowing reviews from customers:

How Fixxa works

Fixxa was created to help homeowners, renters and landlords quickly and easily find the perfect tradesperson. Whether you need a London handyman, plumber, electrician, heating or gas engineer or an appliance installation expert, we will match you with the most suitable specialist.

  • Bookings can be made using our simple booking platform, which will search by location, job type and the skills needed to find the ideal tradesperson for your job. You can choose whether you’d like your expert to arrive now, or at a time that suits you.
  • Bookings can be made using our simple booking platform, which will search by location, job type and the skills needed to find the ideal tradesperson for your job. You can choose whether you’d like your expert to arrive now, or at a time that suits you.
  • When your task is finished you will receive a full job report with pictures, and the total cost will be broken down by labour, materials and parking charges if appropriate. Invoices can be quickly settled via our website and all work is guaranteed for 12 months.

All of our staff are focused on customer satisfaction as we want you to spend less time trying to find a tradesperson and waiting for them to arrive, and more time enjoying your home.

A simple and easy way to book a Handyman in Battersea through Fixxa

FAQs about Fixxa’s Handyman Battersea services

If you have something in your home or garden that needs fixing, installing, hanging or building then your search is over, as one of Fixxa’s experts can help. Here are some of the questions we are often asked about what our team can do:

  • We have numerous skilled carpenters. Fixxa can help if you need a carpenter to build shelving or units, shave or hang doors, repair or replace architrave, or any other carpentry job.
  • Of course, we can offer you the perfect handyman for the job. When you make your booking we may ask you to give us some info, such as where you would like your TV mounted, and whether you’ve already bought a mount or bracket.
  • They certainly can. If you select the perfect location for your pictures and mirrors, one of our team can quickly secure them to the wall.
  • We do. Once you have your new flat pack furniture a Fixxa can swiftly build the items for you, and secure them to the wall if needed.
  • We can. Whether you need the silicone removing and replacing around your tiles, sink, worktop, gas, electric or ceramic hob or anywhere else, one of our team will make it look fresh and neat.
  • Yes. Our skilled team can help with any tiling service you need in your home, whether it’s replacing broken tiles or installing new ones.
  • They are. We can help with a full range of painting and decorating tasks to help transform your home.
  • Yes we can, our team have hung some beautiful curtains and blinds for customers across London. If you select your blind or curtains in advance, we can easily install them for you.
  • We have an hourly rate which starts at £59, which we believe is very competitive for the exceptional work our team does. Our experts arrive with a wide range of tools for each job and work efficiently, which helps save you money.
Screenshot showing a completed transaction of a customer getting a Handyman in Battersea

How a Fixxa helped create a dream nursery

Russell and Emily rent a two bedroomed terraced house near Battersea Park. They booked a Fixxa to assemble a range of flat pack furniture they had bought a while ago for their first baby’s nursery. With their due date fast approaching and the pair both working long hours they hoped booking a professional would help ease the pressure.

After making their booking they were matched with general handyman Tom, who was based just a few miles away in Wandsworth. Tom arrived at the scheduled time and quickly set to work, assembling a cot, changing table, shelving unit and toy chest. Safety is always a priority when our teamwork in clients’ homes and Tom ensured all of the larger items of furniture were safely attached to the wall. Russell and Emily had also asked for a new blind to be installed, and Tom ensured that the blind cord was safely and securely fixed to the edge of the window.

After a morning’s work Tom’s efforts had transformed a previously empty bedroom into a welcoming nursery. He created a full job report with pictures for Russell and Emily, and they were able to easily pay their invoice with Fixxa. All that remained was for the couple to add the finishing touches, and await their new arrival.