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Reliable and efficient ClaphamHandyman services from Fixxa

Reliable and efficient Clapham handyman services from Fixxa

Fixxa is here to assist homeowners, renters and landlords across Clapham with all types of home improvements, from small repairs to large refurbishments. Our simple booking platform allows you to choose exactly when your Clapham Handyman will arrive. Whether you need a handyman Clapham Junction, Clapham North, South or Old Town, Fixxa can help.

If you need assistance with fixing, installing, assembling or hanging anything around your home, or want a handyman to complete repairs you don’t have time for, here’s how we can help:

  • Our team includes some of the top trade professionals in London
  • You will always be served by a skilled handyman, who excels in a wide range of trades
  • You can quickly and easily book specialists using our website
  • Your time is never wasted, as we always work around your day
  • Book a Fixxa to arrive now, or at a time that suits you
  • We will send a polite, friendly and efficient general handyman, who completes your job quickly
  • All of our exceptional handymen are fully vetted
  • To keep you safe during the Covid-19 pandemic we follow strict procedures and comply with all Government advice
  • Rest assured that work is always completed to our incredibly high standards, and is guaranteed for 12 months

Handyman Clapham: Book a Fixxa and get the job done

Prices for our Clapham handyman services are very competitive and start at £59 per hour.

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A screenshot showing a customers view of the Fixxa booking system, allowing you to book a Handyman in Clapham

How it works: Find a Handyman in Clapham Junction, Clapham North or Clapham South

With Fixxa it’s quick and easy to book a skilled tradesman. Our online booking platform allows you to select the type of Fixxa you need, tell us what the problem is and where you live.

  • There will always be a local handyman in Clapham, as our team work throughout the area, from Clapham Junction to Clapham North, all around the Common and Old Town and across to Clapham South and Clapham Park.
  • You can choose whether you’d like your Fixxa to arrive now, or schedule them for a convenient time. Our system will match your job with one of our experienced experts, and once you’ve confirmed your booking you can track your handyman to your door, so you are never kept waiting.
  • If there are changes to the time the job will take, costs or materials, you will be updated and we will ask for your approval. Once the job is completed you will be sent a full report with pictures. There are no hidden costs, and payment can be made via our booking platform, ensuring everything is seamless and transparent. Payment is only released to your Fixxa when you have confirmed you are happy, and all work is guaranteed for 12 months.

How Fixxa’s Handyman in Clapham Common helped Louise

When Clapham Common resident Louise needed several odd jobs doing, Fixxa’s Yavor came to the rescue

Louise owns a two-bedroom flat overlooking Clapham Common, and her long working hours means she struggles to find time for DIY. Determined to reduce her to-do list, she booked a handyman in Clapham Common with Fixxa. Louise selected a tradesperson to arrive on the same day, to complete several jobs in her bathroom.

Louise was matched with Yavor, one of Fixxa’s highly capable and friendly handymen. Yavor’s first job was to install a venetian bathroom blind. Next, he put up a bathroom shelf, neatly fixing it into a tiled wall. Yavor also removed the deteriorating silicone from around the shower cubicle and applied a fresh bead of silicone. While Louise purchased the blind and shelf in advance, she made a note of the silicone work when booking, so Yavor was able to collect a tube before arriving at the flat. He also brought all the other necessary tools and materials.

After tidying up Yavor created a job report with pictures for Louise, who was able to easily pay the invoice through Fixxa’s platform. Several jobs that she had put off for weeks had been quickly sorted thanks to Fixxa.

Screenshot of a Clapham Handyman plumber being booked through the Fixxa system

Meet your helpful and local Handyman in Clapham

When you make a booking with Fixxa we will find the best local and skilled tradesman for the job, and many customers are thrilled to be matched with Matt Roberts. Matt is a highly valued member of the Fixxa team, and as an experienced handyman in Clapham London, he has helped customers with a wide range of jobs.

Our Fixxa Matt Roberts

“I’ve been working with Fixxa since they launched, and I really enjoy it. I’ve been doing general handyman work, plumbing and electrical work for 20 years, and I also spent three years in the RAF Regiment, which helped develop my strong work ethic.”

“I love the fact that every day is so different, and I’m always using so many skills. It’s really rewarding knowing that my work makes such a difference to customers, and I’m incredibly pleased with the great feedback and customer comments I receive.”

Our five-star customer reviews

At Fixxa we are proud of our glowing customer reviews. Find out what other Londoners have said about our services:

Read more feedback and reviews from customers who have used Fixxa.

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Find out what a Fixxa can help with in your home

For any fix, repair, installation or refurbishment around your home, our professionals can help. We have a versatile and skilled team and our online booking tool makes it easy to find the right tradesperson for your job. Here are some of the questions we are often asked about what a Fixxa can do:

  • If there’s a job that needs doing around your home, there’s a Fixxa who can help. Our services list includes repairing, fitting, hanging, mounting, painting and decorating a huge range of items around your home. Our team also includes fully qualified plumbers and electricians, appliance installation experts and heating and gas engineers.
  • Yes, many of our team are highly skilled at carpentry. We can help build storage, craft alcove shelves and cabinets, create and fit shelving and much more. Our team can also help with furniture repairs and can shave and hang doors.
  • We do, our team are experts at fitting all types of curtains and blinds. Just get in touch and give us some info about what needs doing and any soft furnishings you’ve bought and we will send the right Fixxa for the job.
  • Not a problem. If you already have the bath panel our handyman can quickly trim it if needed and fit it securely in place.
  • Yes, our skilled team can help you achieve the bathroom of your dreams. As well as a complete bathroom refit, we can also help with smaller jobs that make a big difference, such as fitting bathroom cabinets, mirrors, shelves and blinds. We can also do bathroom maintenance work including refreshing grout and sealant.
  • Definitely. Our team are well versed in flat pack furniture assembly. If you buy the items you want then our team will easily sort the assembly for you and securely attach them to the wall if needed.
  • Of course. It would be helpful to know if you already have a mount and where you would like it installed. Then one of our trained Fixxas will mount it in your chosen location.
  • Yes. If you purchase the shelves and decide where you would like them, a Fixxa can be at your door at a time of your choosing, ready to fit them for you.
  • We certainly do. Our Fixxas can quickly get your new pictures and mirrors up, and ensure they are securely attached to the wall.
  • We charge by the hour, and handyman rates with Fixxa Ltd start at £59 per hour. Our booking platform allows you to see the cost before you confirm. If you require any additional jobs we can supply a fixed price quote.
  • When you book a Fixxa you will be asked to pre-authorise a spend of up to £50 for material costs. While not all jobs incur a charge for materials, if the cost will rise due to extra materials then we will automatically inform you.
  • When you register you will be asked to provide your card details. When your job is complete your Fixxa will create a detailed job report and invoice, with a breakdown of labour, material and parking costs, which you will be asked to approve. Your payment will be held securely until you have confirmed that your job has been resolved.
  • They are indeed. We make a thorough 10-step background check on all Fixxa applicants, and only the best are accepted into our team. We make physical site inspections of their work and all of our Fixxas with a regulated trade must be accredited by one or more of the main trade organisations.Our team will always follow our Code of Practice and treat your home with respect and care. They will tidy up after each job and complete a detailed job report with pictures, outlining what they did and any materials used. All of our Fixxa’s guarantee their work for 12 months.
  • If we are unable to deal with a problem on the first visit, we will arrange for the appropriate trade, material or action, to ensure your issue is resolved promptly.
  • Yes, we use cookies to help us improve and personalise your visits to our website. For more information and details about setting your preferences, please look at our cookie policy.

Need handyman services in Clapham? Book a Fixxa and get the job done

Prices for our Clapham handyman services are very competitive and start at £59 per hour.

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