About Fixxa

Our mission is to revolutionise the property maintenance & repairs market

Liberate tradespeople

We harness technology to liberate tradespeople, property owners and occupiers from the inefficiency, uncertainty and complexity traditionally associated with property management and maintenance.

Innovative booking platform

Using proprietary technology, we’ve built an innovative booking platform that lets customers find and book professional and vetted tradespeople in London, to arrive now or scheduled for a later date.

Scalable booking-to-billing

We are changing the way the property maintenance market works, both for customers and for trades, by providing a scalable booking-to-billing solution with an exceptionally high, standardised level of service.

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Quality Assurance Guarantee

Quality AssuranceGuarantee

We use a rigorous vetting process to assess potential Fixxas to ensure that all tradespeople we work with meet our high standards. This process includes:

  • detailed background checks
  • review of qualifications
  • ensuring correct and in-date accreditations
  • checking appropriate levels of insurance
  • reviewing online feedback

If there are any problems, or you are unhappy with the service provided by our Fixxa, please let our fulfilment team know as soon as possible so that we can put things right.

Recognition so far:

Entries are judged by a panel of internationally renowned judges representing over 250,000 CreativePool Members and 20,000 of the planet’s most innovative companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Fixxa currently operates in South West London. Our service is growing all the time and will soon expand to include other areas and cities.
  • We currently provide expert professional Handypeople, Plumbers, Electricians, Gas & Heating Engineers. We have also previously supplied drainage engineers, appliance installers and roofers and are happy to quote for these services if you can’t book them through the website.
  • We charge hourly rates for our initial services. These charges can vary according to the job type, time of day and date, but are always posted clearly when you book. If you require additional work, one of our Fixxas can provide you with a quote.
  • Our reputation is important to us and we have very high standards. Tradespeople who want to become Fixxas must pass our thorough vetting process and follow our Code of Practice at all times. This means you can expect an experienced, professional and highly skilled trade, who will turn up when they said they would.
  • If a Fixxa can’t deal with a problem when they first attend your property, we will arrange the appropriate trade, material or action to make sure it’s dealt with as soon as possible after.
  • Property maintenance problems frequently require the purchase of materials. We will automatically inform you of any additional charges for materials purchased to complete your jobs. By booking with Fixxa you pre-authorise an initial material spend of up to £50.
  • Payment is simple – when you register you provide your card details. All you then need to do is approve the final costs, which will be presented to you by the Fixxa if you are on site when the job is completed. We hold your payment securely prior to transferring it to the trade so you can confirm that the issue has been resolved.
  • We send you details of the Fixxa who is en-route. You can then track their exact location to your door.
  • We send you a detailed report & an invoice on completion of your job. These include a complete breakdown of labour, material and parking costs, notes on what has been carried out plus before and after photos.
  • All of our Fixxa Professionals hold valid and appropriate insurance, which is initially checked during our vetting process and then subsequently at each renewal date.
  • All of our regulated Fixxas are accredited by one or more of the following organisations.

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